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Getting Your Life on Track After an Arrest in College

Arrest in College

College is a place to begin building the foundation for your future career. Unfortunately, some students have a crack in that foundation after an arrest in college. While it can be a life altering event depending on the charges, strong legal representation can mitigate the damage in many cases. Being accused of a crime, is a serious problem that needs to be addressed properly.

Poor Choices Don’t Mean It’s Over

Many college students make the wrong choice in some instances. In some situations it can turn out to be a teachable moment or a lesson learned the hard way. In other situations, a poor choice can have dire consequences that can mean the end of a career before it has a chance to begin. With experienced legal representation, a second chance is a viable possibility in many instances. Getting the right advocate to defend your case is critical.

Handling an Arrest in College

Serious problems can morph into bigger issues easily when a person is frightened or unaware of his or her rights. Keeping calm and seeking help immediately will go a long way in preventing an arrest in college from tainting your entire future. Young people make mistakes and some actions can be misconstrued or taken out of context, resulting in serious charges. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time has been shown time and again to result in serious consequences.

Peer pressure isn’t limited to junior high and high school. It can continue into the college years, and sometimes being pressured into doing something you don’t want to do can lead to an arrest in college. Experienced legal help with lawyers who are familiar with the issues college students face may restore a student’s ability to complete their college education and have a second chance for a bright future.

The Tison Law Group has experience in representing students who have had an arrest in college. We have handled cases of underage drinking, DUI, sex crimes, shoplifting, and other crimes. We make a commitment to our clients to provide them the counsel and advocacy they need with honesty and integrity. Contact us for a consultation if you are in need of legal representation for yourself or your college student.

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