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Ashley Titus
Ty is extremely knowledgeable & I trust this man with my life. If you're needing an attorney for ANY reason there’s no better choice than him. I’m not easily impressed but watching him handle the logistics of my case was impressive I also never doubted him as he was brutally honest about the good the bad and the ugly. He’s a straightforward human & NO one in this area will handle your case more proficiently!!
Linda Gaboury
Mr. Tison and his entire staff were so incredible throughout the entire litigation process. They were extremely professional, thorough, genuine and friendly. I felt like Mr. Tison always had my best interests in mind and truly wanted me to get the medical help that I needed to recover from my injuries and for my overall wellbeing. I also can't say enough about their paralegal Therese. She was always so responsive, patient and friendly guiding me through the process answering all of my questions. I can't thank them enough for everything they did for me and would recommend to my family and friends if ever needed.
Chris Patterson
Excellent group of professionals! I was put in contact with the Tison Law Group after an accident while driving home from work. The accident left me with a broken leg, unable to perform my job as an automotive technician for several months. Ty and Therese treated me as an individual, not just one of many clients. My situation and condition mattered to them. Ty and Therese were thorough and made sure no detail about the accident was missed. They eased my mind and told me they would take care of everything and to just focus on my recovery. They took care of literally everything. Bills, Collections, Hospitals, insurance companies -everything- went through them. I was allowed to focus 100% on my health and recovery. I truly believe this made a difference in the outcome of my rehabilitation. I have made a full recovery and am able to return to work because Tison Law Group dealt with everything else. The Tison Law Group is who you want on your side if you find yourself in an unfortunate accident. I would highly recommend Ty and his team to anyone in need of a good law group.
Lisa Bonnes
From our first meeting the entire staff was so professional and kind. This was my first time using an attorney, they clearly explained everything that would happen and were always there to answer my questions when they arose. It was a long, and sometimes frustrating process, but Mr. Tyson and his team were always there to help. I am very happy with the service I received from this firm, I highly recommend Tison Law Group!
bishop baines
Mr. Tison and his staff were very professional and informative through my entire court process. Great experience and I was more than pleased with the results. I highly recommend them!
Brett Baines
Mr Tison was very professional and helped get my car repaired and my brother an excellent financial result after my brother got in a minor car accident driving my car. Mr Tison was always keeping us updated on the situation and took a personal interest in helping us through a bad situation when the person that wrecked my car and their insurance company initially jerked us around for over a year! Overall, great experience and service, so I highly recommend them!
Thomas Lentz
Ty Tison and everyone who works at the law group are professionals who care about clients and their family. Ty helped my family during a crisis. The results of our case were better than I could have imagined. Thanks Ty!


Was planning to represent myself for a simple traffic ticket in Hillsborough County Court on a Thursday at 9am. The night before, I received a call from my colleague at work that they were sick and would be unable to work the next day. That meant that I would have to cover for them and also be unable to appear in court to defend my case. I decided that I would go to the internet early the next morning and to try to find an attorney. I need to find someone that advertised defending traffic court cases, AND that was already planning on being in my assigned court room that day. I searched for Attorney’s offices that opened at 8am so I could hopefully retain counsel before my case was on the docket after 9am.

I made several calls to no avail. Every office I tried stated that it was just too late to retain one of their attorneys in such a rushed time period. I then came across the Tison Law Group’s website. I called their office and I was given their attorney, Mr Anthony (Tony) Duran, personal cell phone number and instructed to call him, as he was to be in my court room that day. Tony Duran answered my call immediately, listened to my situation and assured me he could and would help me. I was very relieved and felt the upmost confidence in Tony, in just a few minute phone conversation. I called back his office and gave them my person info, my case number and my credit card info and was charged a very reasonable retainer fee. I went to work and felt very assured that I had found the right attorney.

The next call I received from Tony, a short while later, was that my case was DISMISSED!! I was so impressed with Mr Duran with the Tison Law Group, in that short time he represented me. I have a high regard for Tony Duran and would definitely use his services again if the need arises. While other attorneys wouldn’t think outside the box and take a case at the last moment, Tony Duran with the Tison Law Group was my savior that day! – Anonymous

Mr Tison has represented me twice over the past decade and a half with traffic issues and we were successful both times. He’s an amazing attorney! I would not recommend anyone else! Thank you! – Leslie Baines

Mr. Tison is a wonderful attorney. He has represented me and friends of mine. Always with good results. He is also a good man. – Mary Guevarez

Mr. Tison handled my case in 2013, where I was T-Boned by a drunk driver. I was able to see doctors right away and get the treatment I needed, after the case was over all of my medical expenses were taken care of and I even got some money in my pocket. The office was very professional, answered every question in detail, and was always there when I needed them. I would recommend them to anyone. – Kaitlyn

Amazing group of Attorneys! They really do care about their clients. – Tom Pettis

Mr Tison has represented our family in several matters. He has successfully defended me in a criminal matter in Pasco County. He has represented family members in civil claims and won significant settlements against defending parties. At all times Mr. Tison and his staff were professional and caring ensuring that were kept informed throught the entire process. I would highly recommend the Tison Law Group. – Anonymous

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