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Why Hiring a Lawyer When Charged with a Crime Is Worth It

Hiring a Lawyer

When you are arrested for a crime, you are facing a possible turning point in your life. There may be two paths in front of you, one as a convicted criminal and another where you have many options for your future. It does not matter what criminal charge you are facing or what evidence you believe is stacked against you – hiring a lawyer to defend your case is always the best decision and worth the investment.

Misdemeanors and Minor Crimes

The most common crimes that people are charged with are misdemeanors and minor crimes. Petty theft, DUIs, vandalism and other crimes or traffic offenses are often misdemeanors and have lower penalties than felonies. These crimes may seem minor, but they can still result in jail time and a permanent record if convicted. Many people charged with a misdemeanor decide not to hire a lawyer and pay the consequences. This can be a mistake – hiring a lawyer could result in the charges being reduced, acceptance into a diversion program, or completely dismissed, protecting your future.

Hiring a Lawyer for Felony Crimes

No one should face a felony crime without hiring a lawyer, but many will accept the court-appointed lawyer instead of finding a personal criminal defense attorney. The case load on court-appointed lawyers is high and most have little time to spend on each of their clients. You need a defense lawyer who will focus on your case and the legal options available. There are many different legal defenses that can be used to reduce the charges or prove your innocence; you need a lawyer who will dedicate the time and resources needed to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

What if I Am Guilty?

Being charged with a crime and being convicted of a crime are two different scenarios. It does not matter if you believe you are guilty or if you think you were caught “red handed.” Hiring a lawyer gives you options. A defense lawyer will make sure that every detail of the arrest and investigation was handled correctly – a mistake by law enforcement can cause a case to be dismissed. Your lawyer can look at your case from all angles and fight for the best option available.

If you are charged with a crime in the Tampa Bay area, do not give up or try to fight it on your own. Contact our team at Tison Law Group to discuss your case with a criminal defense attorney who will fight for your future.

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