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Premises Liability

Slips, trips, falls, drownings, burns, lacerations, and other injuries are quite often the responsibility of the property owner when those injuries occur within their premises. Very few victims understand their rights when they get injured on another’s property. They usually just chalk it up to their own mistake or clumsiness, usually out of embarrassment or politeness, even if they had to leave in the back of an ambulance. While accepting “responsibility” for your injuries may seem like the noble thing to do, it often leads to mounting medical bills, lost wages, and even disability.

The Business Owner or Property Owner’s Duty to Their Invitees

According to the Florida Bar Journal, when an invitee or “guest” enters, Florida property owners and business owners have a duty to that person:

  • To maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition including to guard against foreseeable third-party crimes; and

  • To correct or warn of dangers that the owner knows or should know of by the use of reasonable care.

What this means is that all properties must be cleaned, designed, maintained, and operated in ways that will reasonably prevent foreseeable injuries and damage from happening to shoppers, patrons, guests and other invited people. A property owner is not bound by these duties and is not liable for damages, however, if the person who gets injured on their property or in their store is uninvited or is trespassing. Only exception would be unless the property owner had set a concealed trap that injured the individual.

Common Types of Premises Accidents and Injuries in Tampa Bay

  • Slips, trips, and falls; According to, accidental falls are the fourth leading cause of death in Florida for all age groups, and are the leading cause of death for those 65 and older.

  • Crime: It is the property owner’s duty to employ bouncers, security guards, surveillance cameras, fencing, and ample parking lot lighting when necessary to prevent foreseeable crimes, such as theft, assault, murder, and rape;

  • Burns, lacerations, and electrocutions: You do not need to fall over or be attacked in a premise to be cut by a sharp piece of glass, shocked by faulty wiring or burned by a scaling cup of coffee. These types of injuries often lead to severe pain and suffering damages; and

  • Other types of premises liability claims may be filed as a result of drownings, being struck by objects or being exposed to a toxic substance.

Reach Out to a Premises Liability Attorney Today

If you have been injured, we urge you to take action by first talking with an experienced Tampa Bay premises liability attorney to find out who, if anyone, is liable for your damages. After a thorough investigation, you may be surprised to discover the complete disregard of care that the property owner actually had for you and their other customers or guests. Feel free to give the lawyers at the Tison Law Group a call at (813) 739-1776 today to ensure that you are not stuck with the financial burden of another’s reckless or careless negligence.

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