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Dangerous Products

Whether it is a household item such as a computer or kitchen blender, sporting equipment or a lawn mower, all consumer products need to be safe for their intended use. Companies that design and manufacture goods are legally bound to test their products to ensure safety and to include the proper warning labels and instructions when necessary. Companies that fail to do so can be held liable for damages when their customers get injured from their dangerous products.

Tip-Over Injuries

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that an estimated 10,100 people were injured due to unstable televisions alone in 2017. When furniture and appliances are included, the number of people hurt due to tip-over accidents increases dramatically. Anything from a chair or desk to a dresser or lamp poses a risk of tipping or toppling over and generally the heavier the object is, the greater hazard it poses to the people in the home.

Chemical Exposure

Exposure to toxic substances is a serious risk, particularly for young children. Toxic chemicals and substances can cause health complications during short-term (acute)or long-term (chronic) exposure. As an example, asbestos causes an incurable form of cancer called mesothelioma when victims are exposed to it over the course of years, while exposure to chlorine gas causes immediate injuries. Often, companies do a poor job recalling dangerous chemicals, which puts consumers at a great risk that could have been avoided. According to the News & Observer, Lowe’s home improvement stores are phasing out a paint stripper that contains the chemicals methylene chloride and n-methyl-pyrrolidone, which allegedly caused four deaths in 2017 alone. At least one of the people killed purchased this paint stripper from Lowes. This is just one dangerous chemical that has remained on store shelves even though it causes long-term damage to the liver and neurological system.

Other Types of Injuries from Dangerous Products

Of course, many different types of injuries can be sustained from dangerous products, including those on the list below:

  • Lacerations caused by sharp edges from a product that breaks or shatters;
  • Pinching injuries;
  • Electrocution from electronics;
  • Burn injuries;
  • Choking injuries or fatalities from small parts; and
  • Much more.

Poor Labeling or Warnings

It is not enough to design a product, such as a weed wacker that is safe for its intended use without saying what the intended use is or including warning labels. For example, if the aforementioned weed whacker is marketed as something that it is not and a user is injured, the manufacturer can be held liable even if the weed whacker worked perfectly and had no flaws. Products must be labeled accurately, include ample warning stickers and documentation and include all necessary user manuals and guides.

A Tampa Bay Dangerous Product Attorney Can Help You Today

You purchased a product believing that it was safe for its intended use, and yet you or your loved one was still injured. You do not have to stand for this. You have the right to file a products liability claim against the negligent company that designed, manufactured or sold that dangerous item. Call the experienced dangerous product attorneys at the Tampa Bay offices of the Tison Law Group today (813) 739-1776 for legal help.

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