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Childrens’ Toys

Childrens’ toys have become fairly complex and are now mass-produced to be available for purchase at any time. While many steps have been taken to make these toys safe, such as taking away the choking hazards of cords, there are still products that pose serious risks to children. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that there were 240,000 toy-related emergency room visits in 2016. If your child has suffered an injury while playing with a toy or experienced significant health concerns due to how the toy was manufactured, you need to speak with a defective product lawyer immediately.

The Hazards of Childrens’ Toys

When the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission learns that a toy is unsafe, they will issue a recall of the product. Common reasons a toy a deemed unsafe include:

  • Choking – If a part of the toy can break or detach, it can become small enough for a child to place in its mouth, blocking the child’s airway. This is common with toys made for younger children since the pieces are created small to match their size and the children do not understand that toy parts must stay away from their mouths. Activity sets are also frequently recalled because there are so many individual items that can become lodged in the throat.
  • Fall hazard – Trampolines, bikes, and ride-on toys can lead to a child falling. If the company fails to put in required safety features, then they should be held responsible when a child falls and suffers injuries while playing.
  • Drowning – All adults are careful when kids get in the pool, but we expect the toys they use will only aid in their safety. However, if a flotation device or similar pool toy is manufactured incorrectly, it can lead to a child drowning.
  • Lacerations – Parents place protection around outlets and sharp corners in the house when a child is young but toys can be equally dangerous. Metal handles and bracelets where the sharp edges wear through the fabric are examples of products that have been recalled for causing lacerations.
  • Ingestion – If a child doesn’t choke on the toy, it is also possible for them to fully swallow the part and have it cause issues in the digestive tract. This is very serious because surgery may be involved due to the ingestion.

Lead Poisoning from Lethal Toys

Even with the issues raised about lead contaminating the water supply in Flint, Michigan, lead continues to be a concern in children’s products. In 2017, the U.S. PIRG Education Fund announced they had tested Fidget Spinners, a product marketed to children, and the lab results came back positive for high levels of lead. Lead poisoning impacts a child’s growth, behavior, neurological system, and their cognitive ability.

Contact a Childrens’ Toys Lawyer Today

There can be long-lasting medical impacts when a child is hurt from their toy. If your child has needed medical care resulting from playing with a consumer product intended for kids, you need to speak to an attorney at the Tison Law Group. Call (813)739-1776 for a free consultation with one of our experienced Tampa Bay attorneys today.

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