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Brain Injury

Brain injuries, referred to as traumatic brain injuries or TBIs, occur when the brain is injured in some way. Injury occurs when the head is struck by an object, the brain is slammed back and forth within the skull such as in a car collision or when the brain is penetrated by a foreign object such as a bullet or piece of metal. The severity of injury that one person gets from a brain injury may differ from another, as some TBI victims make full recoveries while others do not, even when the initial level of damage was the same. As such, it is vital that you seek maximum financial compensation now so that you are prepared financially later if your recovery is not as swift or complete as is hoped for.

The Impacts of a TBI are Sometimes Life-Lasting

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injury survivors have a lower life expectancy than the general population, according to research, and may have long-term cognitive, psychological, and/or physical disorders. TBI victims also experience sexual dysfunction, depression, seizures, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, reduced endocrine function and a higher rate of developing dementia, according to a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine. What once may have been a simple task, such as deciding what to make for dinner, going to the grocery store, and making the dinner, can suddenly be an impossible endeavor. Moderate to severe TBIs do not just go away on their own either. They require extensive rehabilitation with professional medical personnel and months and even years of a low-stress, low-activity lifestyle before the recovery reaches its peak state. And as stated earlier, unfortunately a TBI victim’s brain may never be what it once was, even if they only suffered a “minor” concussion.

Financial Costs of a Brain Injury

A severe TBI has an average economic cost of $400,000 in lost productivity over a lifetime, according to researchers. In half of the studied cases, just a mild brain injury resulted in moderate to severe disability. In cases of mild brain injury, nearly one quarter of victims failed to return to their jobs. For severe injuries, the number of victims who were able to return to their jobs was less than half. A study in Norway tracked the long-term rate of unemployment for TBI victims that appeared to have favorable outcomes following their injuries and found that after a period of 10 years, 58 percent were unemployed. This does not even take into account the exorbitant cost of medical treatment, future medical care and procedures, pain and suffering and other damages incurred solely because another party failed in their duty of care toward you or your loved one.

Call a Tampa Bay Brain Injury Attorney Today

We understand that now is a time for healing and discussing financial compensation may be the last thing you want to deal with at this juncture. However, the sooner you get started, the better your chances are of receiving fair compensation by the time you truly need it. Do not hesitate to call our compassionate Tampa Bay personal injury attorneys at the Tison Law Group today (813) 739-1776.

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