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How to Handle a Denied PIP Claim

How to Handle a Denied PIP Claim

Every driver in Florida is expected to carry personal injury protection insurance (PIP). But how do you handle a denied PIP claim? The purpose of PIP is to cover medical bills, lost wages, and funeral expenses, if necessary. As “no fault” insurance, PIP is used whether or not you are at fault for the accident, but it must be used within the designated time frame.

PIP First for Insurance Claims

Hospitals, doctors, and other medical providers must first bill PIP when there are injuries in a vehicle accident. Your deductible for PIP must be applied against 100% of the medical charges, according to a ruling of the Florida State Supreme Court in December 2018. In addition, Florida law stipulates that your medical care be provided by credentialed medical providers.

Reasons for a Denied PIP Claim

You pay your insurance premiums on a regular basis. If you are involved in an accident, you would expect the insurance company to pay your bills; however, in some cases the insurance company may deny your PIP claim. All businesses want to save money and insurance companies are no different. So, unless you follow their guidelines, your PIP claim may be denied.

There is a 14-day rule with PIP insurance, which means you must seek medical attention within 14 days of the accident. If you do not comply and wait until later, your PIP claim could be denied. You must also accurately document your expenses. You can be reimbursed for mileage to and from your medical appointments; however, you must provide accurate information.

A denied PIP claim can be the result of inaccurate information or if some requirement is not met with your insurance company. If your payments were not made on time or if the insurance company asserts that certain facts were misrepresented when you purchased the policy, your payout may be denied.

Take Action for a Denied PIP Claim

If you believe you have an unfairly denied PIP claim, you have options. Insurance companies often do what they can to keep from paying a claim, or they make a minimal payout. Hiring an honest and aggressive personal injury lawyer can help you recover your claim.
It is important to follow the guidelines for PIP coverage, including getting qualified medical attention within the 14-day timeframe. Your insurance company may require you to see one of their doctors. They have the right to know where you are being treated and by whom.

In most cases, there are no problems with PIP claims. But if you have a denied PIP claim, schedule a consultation with Tison Law Group in Tampa, FL. We will examine the information and determine whether the denial is valid. Our lawyers are very familiar with personal injury law and we will fight for your rights. Contact us through our website or call to schedule a consultation.

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