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Why “Being Nice” About an Auto Accident Injury Isn’t Always the Right Move

Auto Accident Injury

“Being nice” about an auto accident injury may seem like the polite thing to do, but it isn’t always the right move. While you are sitting at the side of the road your actions are potentially setting the stage for a future of financial hardship resulting from your injuries.

Auto Accident Injury

Before you start counting the cost of an auto accident in terms of money, it is important to take full stock of your injuries. Obvious injuries may include cuts, abrasions, burns and visibly broken bones. However, you can suffer an auto accident injury that doesn’t present serious symptoms right away.

Whiplash, slipped disks and traumatic brain injury are just some of the physical injuries you may not feel the full impact from right away. There are also psychological injuries that can manifest over time as the result of an accident. That’s before you consider how being nice will impact on any future attempt to pursue compensation for medical expenses incurred because of the negligence of another. .

Medical Bills

After an auto accident injury your medical bills may pile up indefinitely.

If your auto accident injury leads to prolonged medical care, bear in mind that you may consider pursuing a personal injury claim when discussing the impact of injuries with insurance companies and doctors. Do not downplay your injuries as that information will not help you win fair compensation in your case.

Career & Earnings

Your future career and earnings depend on being able to work to your full capacity. It is important to be honest about the seriousness of your injury and how it impacts on your ability to fulfill the requirements of your role. Your employer may be able make reasonable provisions due to injury, such as lightening your workload or helping you transition to another role.

An auto accident injury may impact on career advancements and future earnings. No amount of being nice will change that, which is why it is important to seek any kind of recourse you are entitled to, including a personal injury claim.

Family & Relationships

Perhaps the greatest impact from an auto accident injury is the damage it can do to family and relationships. Not all injuries are physical; those who have been involved in an auto accident are more likely to suffer from psychological issues such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

At Tison Law Group, we have the experience and knowledge to help you fight for fair compensation. If you have suffered an auto accident injury, reach out to our offices to schedule a free consultation today at 813-739-1776.

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