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When Your Hip Replacement Needs Replacing

Hip Replacement

The hip joint is the largest joint in the body and allows an expansive range of motion. The ball and socket design create the ability for the upper leg to move in almost any direction, but it also must support the weight of the upper body. Fall injuries, arthritis, auto accidents, age deterioration and other factors can contribute to hip joint disorders. When mobility is compromised due to hip joint pain or dysfunction, you may need to consider hip replacement to maintain your mobility.

What Is Involved with a Hip Replacement?

When a hip replacement is needed, it involves changes to all the components in the hip joint. The hip joint has a ball socket attached to the pelvic bone and the “socket” is the rounded end of the femur. The socket and ball are protected by cartilage, and the joint is held in place with tendons, ligaments and muscles.

During a hip replacement, the socket portion is removed from the pelvis and the ball is removed from the femur, along with detaching muscles, tendons and ligaments. An artificial socket made from metal or plastic is attached to the pelvic bone and an artificial ball to the end of the femur. The new ball and socket are fitted together to create the new hip joint. Muscles, tendons and ligaments may need to be reattached to the new components, creating a new joint to allow range of motion and mobility.

In most cases, hip replacement surgery will be followed by up to a week in the hospital. Recovery is slow and does require physical therapy to regain strength and mobility in the joint. It can take several months of therapy and healing to regain movement and stability.

Do You Need Hip Replacement Due to a Personal Injury?

Hip replacements can be required after an accident that causes serious injury to the joint. This is a major surgery that can require a year or more of recovery and a large amount of expense. Often, a hip replacement is needed years after the initial injury, at a large expense to the patient. With any hip injury caused by negligence, it is important to consider the possibility of future hip joint issues as part of the damages in a personal injury claim.

At Tison Law Group, we look at all aspects of an injury accident. This includes the immediate and future expenses and suffering it will cause for our client. If you have been injured in a slip and fall, auto, or other type of accident caused by the negligence of others, contact our team to discuss your legal options.

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