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When Should a Teacher Seek an Attorney?


Teachers have a tough job and often walk a fine line when it comes to doing what is best for their students and for the school that is their employer. It is unfortunate, but many great teachers can become a target for disciplinary actions by school administrations. If you are a teacher, there may be times when you may need an attorney to protect your rights, reputation, and job.

Teacher Notice of Investigation

Many teachers have been caught off-guard when they receive a letter from the Department of Education (DOE) that they are under investigation. They may have had no idea there was a complaint filed or any issue with their conduct. At this point, as a teacher, you are not being prosecuted. There is a formal investigation into the matter, which involves interviewing witnesses and researching any paper trails involved with the accusations.

Even during the investigation process you may need an attorney and you should know your rights. You have the right to refuse to be interviewed during this initial investigation. Once the investigation is completed, the matter is usually either recommended for closure or the filing of an administrative complaint. If the decision by the probable cause panel is to prosecute, you will definitely require the services of an attorney to assist you.

How an Administrative Attorney Can Help

When you are the target of an administrative complaint as a teacher, your career could be on the line. While it may not be a criminal charge, the process includes a legal proceeding in a courtroom. Having an experienced administrative attorney on your side can ensure that you understand your rights and have legal representation to fight the allegations during your administrative hearing or trial.

At Tison Law Group, we have extensive experience working with teachers when they need an attorney during an administrative hearing. We conduct our own investigation into your case and help you through every step of the process to obtain the best results in your hearing. Contact us to schedule a consultation if you receive a notice of investigation from the DOE.

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