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When Not to Work with the Insurance Company in a Car Accident

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You give your car insurance company your payment on a regular basis and you expect it will always work to your benefit if there is a problem, such as theft or an accident. After all, isn’t that what you are paying for? Most of the time they will be in your corner, but there are times when it is better to consider all your options before making the call.

First Things First

When you’ve been involved in a serious car accident, there are certain things to do first. If medical help is needed, call 911. If you are able, after getting to safety, gather and exchange information from the other driver(s.) Document the accident with pictures, if possible, and detailed notes.

Seeking Legal Help after a Car Accident
The insurance company is there to help, but also remember most insurance companies have their own interests in mind above all. That means they want to limit their exposure. In the case of a serious car accident, contact a well-qualified attorney, and he or she will help you sort things out with the insurance company to make sure that all your needs are considered.

Know What to Say to the Insurance Company

In many situations you are required to give a recorded statement to your own insurance company.  You do not have the same requirement when dealing with the other party’s insurance carrier.  Knowing when a statement is required and what is relevant to your accident is as important as honesty and accuracy when describing the events that took place. When you work with a lawyer to sort things out, he or she can help you understand what information is relevant to your claim and what is not.

After an accident, you may be in shock. You may feel frightened or angry, but not injured. The fact is, injuries from your accident may not show up for hours, days or even weeks afterward. Telling the insurance company that you are fine right after the accident may make it more difficult for you to get compensation for injuries you’ve incurred, but of which you may not be aware.

Contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer may help you have a better experience with the insurance company in the long run. Tison Law Group has experienced lawyers who are very familiar with how car insurance companies work. You may be entitled to fair compensation for your injuries. Call Tison Law Group for more information.

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