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What Makes a Case for Negligent Security?

negligent security

Businesses have a responsibility to protect those who are on their property from injury. This includes creating a safe environment that deters criminal activity. Security cameras and guards are not only responsible for protecting a business from robbery or other crimes, they are also in place to protect a business’ customers. When a business does not provide a safe environment and a customer is attacked or injured, this may be a case for negligent security.

It is an unfortunate fact that there are criminals who roam the streets and commit crimes that can injure unsuspecting citizens. Often, these criminal acts occur, and no one is to blame except the criminal. However, there are instances when the criminal targets victims at a certain location due to a lack of security measures. When this occurs, it can be a case of negligent security and the property owner may be liable for injuries to victims attacked on their property.

What Is Negligent Security?

All property owners have a responsibility to prevent injuries to anyone who is on their property. This is true for homeowners with aggressive dogs that could harm someone entering their yard and it is true for business owners with dangerous elements on their property. Business owners have a duty to protect anyone on their property, whether employee or customer, from preventable harm. Negligent security is when there are obvious risks that the business owner could have reduced by implementing proper safety and security measures, including:

  • Poor lighting in parking lots, stairwells and other areas on the property
  • No security cameras or other criminal deterrent devices
  • No warning signs to alert customers of risks
  • Lack of safety features like locking doors
  • No security patrols in high-crime areas

While not all crimes can be prevented, if it can be proven that the business owner did not provide adequate protection for known risks, they may be liable when an injury occurs on their property due to negligent security. Victims may include those attacked in dark parking lots, people robbed or injured in a store, or break-ins to an apartment complex that result in theft or injury.

Tison Law Group is here for our clients who need legal assistance when they have been the victim of a crime that occurred due to negligent security. Contact our office in Tampa Bay if you have been harmed due to a lack of security measures at a business in Florida. You may be able to pursue compensation for your injuries or loss in a negligent security lawsuit.

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