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The Top 5 Heavy Machinery Injuries

Heavy Machinery Injuries

Construction workers are exposed to many hazards. The “Fatal Four” injuries on construction sites, according to OSHA, are: falls, being struck by an object, electrocutions, and being caught in-between or crushed. Being struck or caught in-between are usually heavy machinery injuries, but there are several more ways that heavy machinery can cause injury, sometimes even fatalities.


Even a dump truck, as big as they are, can roll over. Cranes are also very susceptible to rollovers. And fork lifts are the most common heavy equipment rollover risk. Sometimes, heavy equipment injuries caused by a rollover may be due to a lack of training with the heavy equipment, but not always. These types of injuries may be caused by a lack of maintenance on the machinery or even another workplace hazard affecting the equipment’s balance.

Crushing Accidents

No one wants to be crushed, especially by a piece of heavy equipment. A crushing injury can be caused by being caught between two pieces of equipment or between the equipment and a wall or other structure. Many crushing heavy equipment injuries result in death but are one of the easiest severe injuries to prevent through proper training with the equipment and the establishment of heavy equipment work zones.

Run Overs

When working around heavy equipment, staying out of the path of that equipment can be difficult. In a loud environment, you may not hear backup sounds or horns. It is important to watch your speed when operating such equipment to help prevent heavy equipment injuries due to run-overs. These can also be caused by lack of maintenance if the equipment isn’t able to stop properly or isn’t equipped with mirrors.


The heavy equipment that is most likely to collapse is a crane. However, any equipment that lifts objects can also collapse. When the cargo isn’t lifted correctly, or if there is a malfunction with the equipment, possibly due to a lack of maintenance, the cargo may fall, sometimes on other workers in the construction zone and sometimes outside of it, harming pedestrians or drivers.

Being Struck

This is a little different than a rollover. If you are struck by equipment, resulting in heavy equipment injuries, it could be a part of the equipment that strikes you, or anything the equipment is carrying or moving. This may cause anything from bumps and bruises to death.

Were you injured on a construction site? Did an equipment failure cause you to suffer heavy equipment injuries? Was it negligence? Speaking to a lawyer who is experienced in workplace injuries may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, lost pay, and more. Contact Tison Law Group to schedule your free consultation today.

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