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TBI: A Long Road to Healing


A TBI, or Traumatic Brain Injury, is one of the most difficult conditions caused by trauma to treat. The symptoms vary, TBI may be caused by many things, and the prognosis is varied for each patient. However, the more you understand about your TBI, the easier it is to face recovery. The length of time it takes to recover from a TBI is different for every patient.

Causes of TBI

A TBI is caused by any trauma to the head that damaged the brain. Because of this, there are many ways one can receive a TBI, such as from falls, car accidents, and sports injuries. Many such injuries occur during combat, but even violence closer to home, such as domestic violence, may lead to one. Any trauma to the head when it comes to a child should be evaluated immediately, no matter the cause.

Symptoms of TBI

There are many factors that go into how a person thinks, feels, and acts when it comes to a TBI. Physical symptoms may appear as loss of consciousness, headache, sleeping problems, or nausea. Sensory problems you may experience after a TBI include blurred vision, an odd taste in the mouth, or sensitivity to light and sound. You may also notice cognitive changes after a TBI, such as memory problems, trouble concentrating, changes in overall mood or mood swings, and more.

Long-term Prognosis

As mentioned, every TBI is going to be different, requiring different recovery treatments. The severity of the symptoms may be impacted by the age and health of the person plus what area of the brain was damaged and how badly. Nearly half of those who receive trauma to the head resulting in a TBI will need surgery to stop bleeding in the brain from ruptured blood vessels or to help reduce swelling due to contusions, or bruises, on the brain. While most of those with TBI make some progress toward recovery, it can be difficult to fully recover. If recovery is possible for your specific case, it may take quite a while and a lot of hard work.

If you’ve received a Traumatic Brain Injury, you may be eligible for compensation due to personal injury, a workers’ compensation case, or more. Speaking with a lawyer about your situation is oftentimes the first step. In Tampa, call the Tison Law Group to speak with a lawyer about your options. The consultation is free.

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