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Takata Air Bags: The Nightmare Isn’t Over

Takata Air Bags

Safety is key when it comes to your vehicle. You researched the make and model of the car you drive before purchasing it for the best in safety features, you drive as safely as possible, and everyone who rides with you wears a seatbelt. However, when it comes to Takata air bags, the danger may be closer than you think. These air bags can deploy during a collision, but then explode and send metal shrapnel flying into the vehicle. Is anything being done about this problem? Many car manufacturers have recalled millions of vehicles, but is this enough?

What cars are affected?

Part of the difficulty when making sure all vehicles using Takata air bags are safe is that so many vehicles are affected. Toyota, as well as their luxury brand Lexus, is one of the car manufacturers hit the hardest by this air bag recall. Even BMW, Honda, Nissan, and others are affected. However, when it comes to replacing the Takata air bags used in their vehicles, Mazda is way out in front.

There is progress, but…

While nearly every car manufacturer has made some progress in replacing these defective air bags, there are still many Takata air bags in use. Consumer agencies as well as car manufacturers are working to send out notifications, such as letters or emails, to those who need to have the air bag in their vehicle replaced. Honda alone has recalled over 5 million vehicles that were built with defective Takata products. Many dealerships are also fielding calls from consumers who want to know if their car is safe or not.

Are motorists still in danger from Takata air bags?

Some drivers aren’t getting the recall notices in time, which has led to several deaths related to Takata air bags. Any vehicle that hasn’t been taken in for the recall poses a dangerous risk to both the driver and their passengers. If you are in a front-end collision, you have a 1-in-2 chance of sustaining additional damage, or even death, if pieces of metal are sent flying into the vehicle upon air bag deployment.

If you or a passenger in your vehicle has been injured by a defective Takata air bag, or if someone you love has died or been injured as a result of these air bags, you need to know you have someone on your side. That someone is an experienced lawyer at Tison Law Group. We may be able to get you the financial compensation you deserve after such an injury or loss. Call us or stop by our convenient Tampa location to schedule a free consultation.

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