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Slip and Fall: The Restaurant’s Responsibility

Slip and Fall

When you go out to eat, you do not expect to slip and fall, landing prone on the ground, but it can happen. Wet floors, poorly lit areas, uneven floors and spills can cause a person to slip and fall, and a great time out can wind up with a trip to the emergency room. What is the restaurant’s responsibility in such a case?

Expectations for a Safe Establishment

As a patron of the business you have certain expectations. As an establishment serving the public, the restaurant must adhere to certain rules and regulations. Florida law requires restaurant owners to keep up their property and maintain it in a way that makes it safe for customers. Customers can expect the proprietor to do everything necessary to prevent a foreseeable slip and fall. If the owner does not maintain his or her business in such a manner, he or she may be liable for any harm a customer receives due to the circumstance.

From the moment you get out of your car in the restaurant’s parking lot, you can have the expectation that your visit will be safe. Parking lots, outdoor eating areas and inside the restaurant should be maintained in a way to provide safety for customers. When this is not the case, should you slip and fall, you may be entitled to some compensation for your injuries.

A Slip and Fall is Not Uncommon

You may not think of a restaurant as being a place where a person would be likely to slip and fall, yet many of the injuries that happen in restaurants are due to that. There are many reasons why a person could sustain injuries from a slip and fall. There are spills that happen in restaurants, wet floors due to mopping or wet patios or walkways on rainy days. All of these produce circumstances in which a person could have a slip and fall.

Wet surfaces are not the only reason people may slip and fall in a restaurant. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure there are no loose mats or rugs that guests could trip over. Debris, cords or other items left in the path of unsuspecting patrons can also cause problems.

Taking Care of Business

Any place in the establishment that is a hazard should be clearly marked. A spill should be cleaned up right away; if not, signage should be in place to warn customers of the hazard. Likewise, wet floors and areas that could pose a threat of slip and fall should be clearly marked. Failure to do so could lead to a lawsuit if a person is injured as a result.

Personal injury cases can be complex and nuanced. This is why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer if you wish to pursue a case. Tison Law Group has honest, experienced attorneys who provide excellent representation with a high degree of integrity. If you feel you have a personal injury case and would like legal consultation, please contact us. We are Tampa, Florida, attorneys who put our clients first.


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