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Semi-Truck Falls Off Overpass and Crushes Driver: How Do These Things Happen?


According to a story in the Orlando Sentinel  last October, a woman lost control of her car as she entered a cloverleaf exit. Her vehicle, an SUV, ran into the path of a semi-truck. As a result of the collision the semi broke apart, sending the cab over the side of the overpass first then the trailer.

Local actor, Daniel Lee Allmond, 31, of Spring Hill, lost his life when the cab of the semi-truck landed on his Nissan Sentra, crushing it and bursting into flames. Others involved in the accident, including the truck driver and the woman who lost control of her SUV, sustained minor injuries.

When the Unexpected Happens

The smallest move can cause the most unexpected results. Over-correcting, a slight distraction, an unguarded moment can lead to dire consequences. Distracted driving is not the only cause for freak accidents on the road. Semi-truck drivers face all types of challenges. They have to contend with bad drivers and those who are not aware of the limitations of movement of semi-trucks, weather concerns and fatigue.

The Diligent Semi-Truck Driver

Semi-truck drivers are under considerable pressure to meet deadlines. Some are pushed beyond what is reasonable; however, even diligent truck drivers have a lot to contend with on today’s roads.  Motorists who don’t understand the physics of semi-trucks can become problematic when a truck driver does something that seems rude or aggressive.

For example, a fully loaded semi is going to take longer going up a hill than it will going down. It will also be harder to stop and take longer before coming to a full halt. It may seem that the semi-truck driver is trying to push the vehicle in front out of the way on the decline, when in fact it is the heavy load that is causing the truck to move faster. Retaliation can come in the form of cutting the truck driver off, honking or some other form of road rage. These actions can lead to a collision.

Diligent truck drivers must know their vehicle and its load well, watch out for distracted drivers and be able to handle the quirks of other drivers on the road. With that being said, no driver can anticipate every action that will happen on the road. The most one can hope for is to be able to handle the unexpected situation when it arrives.

All collisions have some cause, even if the result seems freakish, as in the case of the semi-truck falling off the overpass. Being injured in an accident can have a major impact on your future. Contacting a lawyer with experience in personal injury law can help you find out if you are entitled to compensation. Contact Tison Law Group in Tampa, Florida, for information about personal injury cases. We also handle administrative law cases, injunctions, criminal cases and addiction/mental health cases. For excellent representation with integrity and honesty, call Tison Law Group.

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