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New Ethical Standards for Architects

Ethical Standards, Architects

The American Institute of Architects has made changes in its rules and standards addressing the issues of sexual harassment, equity in the profession and sustainability. These three areas are greatly impacted as members of the AIA move forward. The ethical standards to which architects will now be held are meant to help make the world a better place and make the profession more equitable.

Language Matters

The AIA has a Code of Ethics which includes rules and standards. The rules of the AIA Code of Ethics are mandatory. This term is used when an item is enforceable and uses the term “shall.” The standards of the Code are levels of conduct to which architects should aspire. They “define the tenets of ethical behavior for AIA members.”

In reviewing the ethical standards and rules, architects will notice that the updated code reflects several rules where harassment and equity in the profession are concerned. The code applies to all members of the AIA and carries with it consequences if any of the rules are violated.

Newly Updated Rules for AIA Members

Rules addressing the harassment and equity in the profession prohibit discrimination or harassment in professional activities. These address matters of race, nationality, religion, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability and status as care givers. The rights of others are also addressed and treating others with mutual respect. Members must also provide an equitable working environment.

AIA Ethical Standards

Architects will also notice that the new standards under sustainability address matters that may impact the environment. Water, energy and clean air are addressed. Members are encouraged to promote safety and fairness when providing services and to have a conversation with their clients and employers about matters of sustainability.

Creating Change

The newly adopted ethical standards and rules are intended to not only make working conditions more equitable and comfortable for all members, they also address the issues that are being created by climate change. They acknowledge that this industry, along with many others, must make changes in order to keep moving forward with protection of the environment as a major component in decision making.

Professionals, architects included, have certain responsibilities and standards of conduct they must adhere to in order to remain in good standing. When these are violated, serious consequences can occur. Tison Law Group can help. We provide excellent, honest representation with integrity to our clients facing administrative legal problems. Disciplinary proceedings can be complicated and frightening. The lawyers at Tison Law Group provide proper representation through every step of the process. Contact us if you have legal concerns.

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