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Motorcycle Accident Statistics in Florida

motorcycle accident statistics

Florida, with year-round palatable weather and gorgeous destinations make it a magnet for motorcycle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, motorcycles and Florida have another commonality – fatalities. For many years, Florida has had the most motorcycle accident fatalities in the U.S., with 545 motorcycle fatalities in 2016, not a statistic that any motorcycle rider wants to hear. It is not just fatalities, but all motorcycle accident statistics in Florida that are a concern to anyone hitting the road on two wheels.

Motorcycle Accident Types and Statistics in Florida

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motorcycle Vehicles maintains statistics for all types of crashes, including motorcycle accident statistics. This includes injuries, fatalities, and other impact factors. Some of the motorcycle accident statistics for 2016 include:

  • 2,303 incapacitating injuries
  • 3,855 non-incapacitating injuries
  • 2,098 possible injuries
  • 1,325 without injuries

In Florida, there is not a helmet mandate for motorcycle riders. However, many motorcycle enthusiasts choose to wear a helmet for their own safety. Of the reported motorcycle accident crashes recorded in 2016, some variables were found in relation to helmets:

  • There were more driver fatalities with helmets versus without, 274 compared to 233
  • There were a higher number of injuries for drivers wearing helmets than those without
  • More passengers in motorcycle accidents without a helmet were injured or killed versus those wearing a helmet

Unfortunately, it is unknown what percentage of motorcycle drivers and passengers wear helmets, so it is impossible to know how these statistics reflect safety. Even though more drivers wearing helmets were victims of a motorcycle accident fatality, this most likely be due to a higher percentage of drivers wearing helmets.

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Due to the large number of injuries and fatalities in motorcycle accidents in Florida, there are also many times when these accidents are caused by other drivers on the road. The statistics for 2016 alone bear out the numbers, with over 8,000 possible injuries reported from motorcycle crashes, and with over 2,500 incapacitating or fatal injuries. When another driver is at fault, Florida motorcycle drivers and passengers need legal representation to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve to cover medical bills, lost wages and other damages caused by these accidents.

At Tison Law Group, we offer experienced legal representation to those injured in a motorcycle accident or for those who lost a loved one in a motorcycle fatality caused by another driver. If you or someone you love have been the victim of a motorcycle accident in the Tampa Bay area, please contact our office to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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