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Living with a Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injury

For the average person, it may be difficult to fathom how a catastrophic injury can happen and change life in the blink of an eye. There are some things that happen to us and change our lives slowly over time. The catastrophic injury is often one that is unexpected and the toll it takes can be enormous.

Catastrophic Injury Changes Everything

When a person is struck down by a catastrophic injury, his or her life and the lives of their loved ones are severely impacted. If that person was a breadwinner, that source of income may be lost. Relationships may suffer as everyone works to adjust to the new circumstances. All types of changes now need to be made, from how people think about moving forward to the physical changes that may be required to make accommodations for the new situation.

Even though these changes are a part of the result of the catastrophic injury, with hope and perseverance, the challenges facing everyone can be overcome. This is a time in history when many medical breakthroughs are changing lives for the better for those who are living with catastrophic injuries.

Getting the Help You Need

A catastrophic injury may be a lifelong challenge. Prognosis for the condition may or may not be good. The important thing is to get the help you need. In addition to medical professionals that will help treat and monitor the condition, other professionals may be needed as well. Doctors and social workers can be instrumental in identifying the people and resources needed to make life as comfortable as possible.

Healing is Physical and Mental

There may be only so much healing that the body will be able to do. In the case of severe burns, traumatic brain injury, paralysis or other injuries, there may be limitations to the physical healing process. However, the mental healing process may be more extensive. Though it will be challenging, mental healing can take place.

There is a plethora of stories of people who have managed to overcome the physical challenges of living with catastrophic injuries and live fulfilling lives because of their mental tenacity. These individuals have not given up on life; they have changed the way they live it. Often, they still feel physical pain, they have bad days, weeks and months, but they persevere doing what they can, when they can with what they have available. They give encouragement and support to others living with catastrophic injuries.

The impact of a catastrophic injury can be far-reaching. When that injury is the result of someone else’s negligence or act, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. Tison Law Group has experience working with those who have sustained a catastrophic injury. We fight on our clients’ behalf to provide them with the best outcome for their personal injury case. If you or a loved one have been impacted by a catastrophic injury, please contact us for a consultation. Located in Tampa, Florida, we provide excellent legal services with honesty and integrity.

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