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Is Hiring a Lawyer Necessary for a Serious Car Accident?

Car accident

Every year, millions of people are involved in car accidents, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reporting over two million injuries and over 35,000 fatalities for 2015. For those involved in these auto accidents with injuries, they can be facing extensive medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. While auto insurance is designed to cover these expenses, the insurance companies may not have the victim’s best interests in mind when it comes to paying for a serious car accident.

When to Hire a Florida Lawyer for a Car Accident

For simple fender-benders, where the main damage is to the vehicles involved, going directly through the insurance companies is usually the best option. Even a small injury that requires stitches or minimal medical care is generally covered under auto insurance. However, when it comes to more extensive medical injuries that could result in lost time from work, hospitalization, or ongoing medical care, it is best to hire a car accident lawyer.

While insurance companies will pay out for injuries, it is their goal to pay as little for an accident as possible. They want to have a quick settlement, possibly before the victim even understands the full extent of their medical issues. This is when hiring a lawyer to represent you in your car accident case is beneficial. They can assess the damages, the possible long-term costs of your injuries and fight for a reasonable payout. This can include medical bills, therapy, lost wages, and other costs related to your car accident injury.

With a lawyer on your side to fight for your rights, you can relax and focus on your recovery. The legal aspects can be handled by your lawyer, negotiating the best settlement for your case. If a settlement cannot be reached and your case needs to go in front of a Florida court, you have a legal team to fight your battle and work diligently to obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Victims of car accident injuries with legal representation usually receive a much larger settlement than the insurance company would have offered to the victim alone.

At Tison Law Group, our team of experienced lawyers are here to help when you have been the victim of a car accident in the Tampa Bay area. It is our privilege to work with you to fight for the best outcome for your auto accident case. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

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