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How to Report Dangerous Products

Dangerous Products

Manufacturers have an obligation to provide their customers with safe products. From vehicles and appliances to medications and medical devices, product safety should be paramount. Even with extensive regulations regarding product safety, it is common for dangerous products to enter the marketplace and cause injuries and fatalities. It is important for consumers to know their rights and how to report dangerous products to prevent further injuries to others.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is the federal agency tasked with regulating product safety. They promulgate safety regulations for the manufacturing and design of most consumer products, with the goal of protecting the public from risk of injury due to the reasonable use of products sold in the U.S. The CPSC also compiles complaints from consumers on dangerous products and has the authority to issue and enforce a recall on a product if they believe it is unsafe.

What Is a Dangerous Product?

The definition of a defective or unsafe product may be different than what you think. Just because a product can cause harm does not necessarily mean it is considered unsafe or dangerous. A knife can inflict a serious wound, but it is not an item that needs to be reported as a dangerous product to the CPSC. Dangerous products are those that pose a risk of injury when used as intended; a toy that can shatter and cut a child when they are playing with it or a household appliance that can start on fire despite proper usage are good examples of dangerous products.

Reporting Dangerous Products to the CPSC

It is easy to report dangerous products. The CPSC accepts complaints online and reviews the complaints to determine whether further investigation is needed. Dangerous products can also be reported to the manufacturer. It is not uncommon for a manufacturer to initiate a voluntary recall of their own product if they are alerted to a risk of injury.

Not only should you report dangerous products to the CPSC and the manufacturer, you also may be eligible to receive compensation for serious injuries caused by a dangerous product. Product liability lawsuits may be pursued when a product has design flaws that make it unsafe for its intended use or a defect in manufacturing causes safety problems. Lack of a warning of known safety issues with a product can also lead to manufacturer liability for injuries. If you have been injured due to a dangerous product, contact our team of lawyers at Tison Law Group to discuss your claim.

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