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How to Avoid an Underride or Override Accident

How to Avoid an Underride or Override Accident

Little cars and big trucks are not a good mix on the highways because they can result in an underride or override accident. These accidents usually result in fatalities or serious injuries. Diligent drivers can avoid these types of accidents by taking some precautions.

What are Underride and Override Accidents?

An underride accident occurs when a car collides with a big rig and comes to rest inside the truck. Because the point of impact is usually at head level, the injuries for this type of accident are acute if not fatal.
When a truck runs over a smaller vehicle it is called an override accident. These accidents can occur in inclement weather when a truck is unable to stop and plows into a vehicle. In massive pileups, several cars can be affected. Sometimes the car is dragged underneath the truck for a distance.

Avoiding Underride, Override Accidents

Both truck drivers and motorists have an obligation to prevent these types of accidents from happening. However, over half of fatal truck/car crashes can be attributed to fault by the person driving the car. Motorists can help by staying clear of the tractor trailer’s no zones. These are the areas in which truck drivers cannot see other vehicles.

These blind spots are much larger for truck drivers than for smaller vehicles. These blind spots occur on either side of the truck, as well as in front and behind. A rule of thumb to remember, if you cannot see the driver in his side mirrors, he cannot see you.

Trucks and buses often swing wide to the left in order to successfully execute a right turn. Motorists need to be aware of this because it impacts drivers both to the left and to the right of the truck.

Be Aware of the Causes

Underride and override accidents have multiple causes. Override accidents are often caused for mechanical reasons such as brake failure, a tire blowout, or some other mechanical malfunction. They can also be caused by driver error. Failing to yield the right of way or turning or changing lanes without signaling can cause an accident. Fully loaded trucks take longer to stop, so if one is going over the speed limit and needs to stop quickly, an override accident could happen. Low visibility from inclement weather is often an issue.

Underride accidents may occur if a motorist is following a truck too closelyor if there is low visibility and the driver cannot see the truck until it is too late. Some underride accidents occur when a truck driver backs up and is not aware there is a vehicle in the rear.

Being involved in an underride or override accident is a traumatic experience. Experienced legal counsel from the Tison Law Group can help you get fair compensation for your losses. Our attorneys are known for their integrity and honesty, and their tenacity fighting for the interests of their clients. Contact us to discuss your case and browse our website for a listing of other legal services we offer.

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