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Get a Personal Injury Lawyer in These Three Cases

Get a Personal Injury Lawyer in These Three Cases

There are times when a person is injured due to the fault of another, and he or she recovers from the accident and goes on about life. There are also times when a person is injured and should seek legal services from a qualified personal injury lawyer.

Serious Car Accidents

Whenever a car accident involves significant injuries or death, a personal injury lawyer should be retained. The perpetrator’s insurance company will often do what they can to provide a minimal settlement. Unfortunately, many victims in vehicular accidents settle without realizing that the injuries they have received will be more costly than anticipated.

A personal injury lawyer knows how to realistically calculate due compensation. This may include medical costs as well as costs for missed work, pain, suffering, and other financial expenses. The average person may not think to include these items in a settlement. Additionally, in some instances, the case needs to go to trial to get suitable compensation.

Premises Liability Cases

Car accidents are not the only area in which a person may need legal help to receive adequate compensation for injury. A slip and fall at a store or restaurant resulting in injury may also require the expertise of a personal injury lawyer. Some situations may not result in a settlement; but in the event that compensation is in order, an attorney can help ensure that it is adequate.

Legal cases involving premises liability can be complicated. Determining who is at fault in such cases when injury is involved can be challenging. The place of business has a certain amount of responsibility in providing a safe environment; however, an injury does not necessarily mean the owner of the establishment is at fault. Securing an attorney with experience in this area is necessary to determine if the case has merit.

Wrongful Death

There are no words for the tragedy of a wrongful death. Loved ones are devastated and, depending on the circumstances, lives are forever changed in tremendous ways. The havoc suffered by families is not limited to the loss of a loved one. There can be serious monetary loss as well.

In these situations, it is recommended that a qualified personal injury lawyer handles the case. The qualifications under these circumstances are not just the legal expertise of the attorney. Caring, compassion, and understanding must also be a part of the attorney’s skill set. A genuine concern for the survivors of the deceased, as well as a passion to see justice exercised, is important.

Tison Law Group has years of experience in several areas of legal concern, including personal injury. We are known for our honesty, integrity, and excellence in providing legal services for our clients. We are located in Tampa, FL, and proudly serve those in the area. When you need a personal injury lawyer, call us for an appointment. We are here to help in your time of need.

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