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Florida’s Car Insurance Rates are the Third Highest

Florida’s Car Insurance

Driving a car in Florida does not come cheap. At an average of $2,050 per year according to, Florida’s car insurance is well above the national average of $1,365. Michigan is the highest at nearly $200 more than Florida, and Louisiana has the second spot, just over $75 more. So, what are Floridians doing that causes them to have to pay so much?

Rising Car Insurance Costs

Overall, according to, the national average car insurance premium rose $47. Last year, Florida was in fifth place for highest premiums and, as of 2018, managed to move up two notches. What made the difference? One thought is that the number of uninsured drivers on the road raises the cost for insured drivers. However, fraud seems to be a big player, as well.

Florida’s Car Insurance Scammers

Although Florida does have a large population of uninsured drivers on the road, there are also scammers who regularly take advantage of the Personal Injury Protection part of insurance coverage. Florida drivers must carry $10,000 PIP for emergency coverage. This insurance was intended to provide immediate financial assistance in the event of a minor accident. It was to cover hospital bills and lost wages without having to hire a lawyer and go to court.

Unfortunately, the “no fault” insurance created a feeding ground for scammers. In fact, insurers calculate that $1 billion annually is paid out to fraudulent claims. Staged accidents, bogus clinics, and unscrupulous lawyers have been taking advantage of the system. While there has been talk of changing the law, so far attempts at change have failed.

Rising Costs of Car Insurance

Florida is a very urban state. Even though it ranks 22nd in size, it is the 3rd most populated state in the nation. Most of Florida’s population lives in large cities. Consequently, the probability of being involved in an accident is greatly increased. There are more drivers on the roads and, with gasoline being very affordable, more people are taking to the highways. Even the strength of the economy is a factor according to some experts. More people are able to afford vehicles.

For now, Florida car insurance is not going to be going down anytime soon. If you are injured and the accident is severe, you may be entitled to more compensation. The Tison Law Group may be able to help you recover losses. Contact us via email or phone to schedule a consultation.

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