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Domestic Abuse Help lines in the Tampa Bay Area

Domestic Abuse

There are a number of resources in and around Tampa Bay that offer support to domestic abuse victims.  If you need help in Tampa Bay, it is important to have access to easy-to-remember domestic abuse help lines. You can use the following numbers to make contacts with groups that offer various levels of support.

Domestic Abuse Help lines

The following groups provide a number of resources to domestic abuse victims, including over the phone and their websites.  If you are in an abusive situation and need help, these are some of the resources available in Tampa Bay.

The Spring of Tampa Bay is a 24/7 crisis helpline where victims of domestic abuse can reach out for support. You can provide information on your situation and staff will provide assistance through a safety plan, intervention, help in arranging emergency shelter, and more.

Some of the information The Spring offers includes education on early warning signs of abuse, safety planning checklist, and emergency shelter to give victims of domestic abuse somewhere to turn in order to escape violence. Reach The Spring at (813) 247-7233 or access their website.

Based in Pinellas County, CSAS (Community Action Stops Abuse) provides help and support to victims of domestic abuse. The organization has been providing help to victims, including children, women and men, since 1977. You can access the CSAS website for further information or call a 24-hour helpline at (727) 895-4912.

When you speak to a CSAS advocate, you will receive information on assessing danger levels, advice on creating and altering a safety plan, and recommendations on how to seek help from family and friends.

Sunrise, which is located in Pasco County, runs a facility that provides support to domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. This information is available through the Sunrise website or the organization’s hotline team at (352) 521-3120.

As an advocacy group, the aim of Sunrise is to empower members of the community who have suffered domestic or sexual abuse. You will receive support in setting and achieving goals, helping you to break free from abuse and take back your own life.

The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) is designed to help victims of domestic abuse find nearby domestic violence centers. This organization runs a statewide hotline that is available for the victims of domestic abuse at 1-800-500-1119.

FCADV has a broad mission statement that aims to eliminate violence to women and children through empowerment, education, community, through state and countrywide actions and initiatives.

Tison Law Group

In many cases, domestic abuse can result from alcohol or drug addiction. While this does not excuse the actions of the offender, families can seek remedy through addiction intervention if the familial relationship is still salvageable. At Tison Law Group, we have over 20 years of experience in supporting friends and family members of people with addictions through the intervention process.

Call Tison Law Group today to schedule a free consultation at 813-739-1776 if you feel that addiction intervention may help in your situation. We are committed to helping you find effective solutions before addiction has the chance to become a more serious problem resulting far more significant consequences.

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