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Administrative Discipline vs Teachers

Administrative Discipline

Teachers have to walk a tightrope between controlling their classrooms and meeting the expectations of their school administration. One of the main issues plaguing teachers is how to handle disruptive students in their class while avoiding conflict with parents and their own administration. Some teachers are losing their balance doing this circus act and find themselves facing administrative discipline that can cost them their job.

Teachers have always had a difficult job, but in recent years it has become harder than ever for various reasons. The uncertainty of facing violence in schools with mass shootings and pressure from all sides to create a safe, equitable environment is daunting. Teachers have the task of trying to discipline their students and recognize threats, while still engaging their students and creating a productive learning environment. One wrong move and they may be on the receiving end of discipline from their own administration or the Department of Education.

When Classroom Discipline Leads to Administrative Discipline

If complaints are made against a teacher, school administrators often are more concerned about legal issues and protecting their budget than standing up for their teachers. Students and parents have the right to make complaints, and even when the complaints are unjustified, a teacher may receive a letter that they are under investigation and facing administrative discipline. Often these complaints stem from classroom discipline and how it is handled.

With heightened awareness of racial tensions and violence in schools, teachers are put in a difficult position. If they do not discipline disruptive students, they cannot effectively control their classrooms and teach the curriculum needed. However, if they use disciplinary measures, a student may claim they are targeted, or a parent may issue a complaint. A good teacher who is striving to create a productive learning environment for all their students can suddenly find themselves under investigation and facing administrative discipline.

There is not an easy answer or quick solution to the problems facing schools and teachers when it comes to providing a safe and equitable environment. What is unfortunate is that too many teachers face unfair administrative discipline when trying to do an already difficult job.

If you are a teacher in Florida who is under investigation, protect your career and reputation by contacting our team at Tison Law Group. We understand the difficulties and demands that teachers face and can offer legal assistance for those under investigation or dealing with possible administrative discipline.

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