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5 Ways an Injunction Against You Can Affect Your Work Life


If you have had an injunction successfully filed against you, it can have serious impacts on all aspects of your life, including for whom and where you can work. Temporary injunctions, also known as restraining orders, also place legal limitations on your activities. There are other potential impacts which may directly result from having an injunction or restraining order on your record. Here are five scenarios where an injunction will affect your work life.

Professional Licenses

If you are currently working in or hoping to start a career that requires a professional license, an injunction could jeopardize your ability to work in your chosen field. Some of the professions that may be affected include healthcare, child care, law enforcement, military, and the legal field. If you cannot hold a license, you will not be able to find work in any of these professional capacities.

Ability to Secure Work

Employers have access to a large number of resources when short-listing potential candidates for interview. With an injunction against you, reaching the interview stage will become a challenge. Prospective employers can find the record of an injunction while vetting candidates through background checks, which may result in you being excluded from the interview pool.

Ability to Travel

A restraining order or injunction may result in travel restrictions, which will limit where you can work. The ability to travel to and from work without breaching the conditions of an injunction is often difficult, especially in smaller communities where the injunction applies.

Admission to Colleges or Military

In many cases, an injunction may affect your ability to enroll in certain colleges or pursue a career in the military. If you are not permitted to possess firearms, that also rules out a career in law enforcement or armed security.

An Injunction: More than a Restraining Order

An injunction is more than a restraining order in many cases. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the filing of an injunction, you may lose the right to own firearms. When an injunction is taken out against a spouse or family member, there is also the risk of the individual losing his or her home. Additionally, the court may order you to pay child support and/or spousal support. If you do not have a home and find yourself with additional debts to pay on top of searching for a new place to stay, keeping your job may prove challenging.

Tison Law Group Representation

If you are at risk of having an injunction filed against you, it is important to seek expert legal representation. At Tison Law Group, we have a long tradition of providing legal services in criminal law matters, as well as addiction intervention. Seeking the help you need if you are facing an addiction that may result in an injunction against you can make a difference.

Call the offices of Tison Law Group if you require legal advice. We are here to provide you with the support you need through expert consultation and representation. You can contact the Tison Law Group team at 813-739-1776 to speak to a law professional today.

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