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4 Signs Addiction Might Cost You Your Job


Substance addiction can have devastating effects on your life. Drug and alcohol addicts may have trouble maintaining personal relationships, experience health problems caused by their addictions, and face legal trouble linked to their addictions. Another possible effect of drug or alcohol addiction is problems at work. If you struggle with addiction, be aware of these four signs that your addiction may cost you your job.

Too Many Sick Days

Do you call in sick to work more than others at your workplace? If your supervisor has discussed your absences for illness with you or you constantly are running out of paid sick time, this is a warning sign. Too many sick days is a red flag to employers and it should be a warning to you that you could be in danger of losing your job.

Performance Problems Caused by Your Addiction

Even High Functioning Alcoholics or HFAs often begin having performance problems due to their addiction. Missed deadlines and careless work can point to an unraveling of your composure. Even if you have managed to perform at a high level despite your addiction, eventually the disease will progress to the point where it impacts your performance, which could cost you your job.

Coming in Late, Leaving Early

When a full day at work is difficult to bear, your addiction could be progressing to the point where you may lose your job. Bosses notice when employees are frequently late to their shift or take extended lunch breaks. Leaving early is another indication that you are not focused on your job. While you may have been successful at hiding your addiction, your lack of dedication to performing at the workplace may be very evident.

Your Boss Takes Away Responsibilities

If you start noticing that some of your work responsibilities are being reassigned to others, consider this a serious warning sign. Whether you realize it or not, your lack of focus is apparent to others and you may not be trusted to complete the tasks you are assigned. If others are taking over your responsibilities, it is only a matter of time before your supervisors determine that you are not needed at all anymore.

Recognizing the signs of how your addiction is impacting your job can be a wake-up call. It is never too late to face your addiction and begin working toward recovering your life. Our team at Tison Law Group has worked with those struggling with addiction to make the changes needed to start over. We can help with legal issues caused by your addiction, including employment problems or termination. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal issues caused by addiction.

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