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4 Reasons to Secure a Criminal Lawyer Even If You’re Guilty

Criminal Lawyer

If you know you are guilty of a crime, there is no point in securing a criminal lawyer, right? Many defendants in criminal cases believe that hiring a lawyer to defend them against a charge when they are guilty is waste of time and money.

Criminal Lawyer

It is not the job of a criminal lawyer to decide or even question your guilt – that is the task of a judge and jury. Your criminal lawyer is there to represent you in a court system that places a high bar on the burden of proof, which is referred to as “beyond reasonable doubt.” The standard of evidence in U.S. criminal law is set high so that convictions are not easy to come by. Even if you know you are guilty, you are entitled to receive fair representation in criminal court. Here are 4 good reasons to hire a criminal lawyer if you’re guilty.

Factual Guilt vs. Legal Guilt

In law, there is a difference between “factual guilt” and “legal guilt.” The former refers to whether or not you are actually guilty. The latter refers to whether the prosecution can meet the burden of proof of your guilt according to the law. Why is this important? A criminal lawyer is not interested in factual guilt; he is only interested in arguing that the burden of proof has not been met by putting up a fair case in your defense.

Zealous Representation

A criminal lawyer understands that he must provide zealous representation to every client, regardless of factual guilt. Your lawyer will focus on the letter of the law in fighting to get you the best possible resolution of your case. In fact, the legal process relies on criminal lawyers to act in such a way in order to keep the system fair and balanced. That means that even guilty parties are able to exercise their right to representation.

Reduction of Charges or Sentence

Even if you are found guilty in court, not all charges are guaranteed to carry their full potential weight under the law. Hiring a criminal lawyer, who understands how the law works, will significantly increase your chances of a fair trial and any subsequent sentence. A criminal court is nothing like what’s often portrayed in TV dramas. Many defendants who have opted to defend themselves in court have learned this truth the hard way.

Legal Support

Going through a criminal case can be a harrowing experience for the defendant. Everyone is entitled to receive support and, in court, there is no one better positioned to offer the type of support you need than a criminal lawyer. An experienced lawyer understands the process and the impact it will have on your life and your family.

If you need a criminal lawyer who is reliable and will fight for your rights, reach out to Tison Law Group today. You can reach our team at 813-739-1776 to discuss the details of your case with an expert in criminal law.

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