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3 Things Not to Do After an Accident with a Big Truck

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Tangling with a big truck or an “18 wheeler” in an accident can be a terrifying experience. Most semi-trailers and other large trucks can outweigh passenger vehicles by tens of thousands of pounds and when they collide, the passenger vehicle is at higher risk of severe damage and injury to the occupants. Beyond the size difference, there are also differences in how an accident with a big truck should be handled. Here are three things you should never do after an accident with a big truck.

Never Admit Fault in a Big Truck Accident

Even if you feel you are at least partially to blame for the accident, keep this opinion to yourself. .  Do not give the police your opinion on who was at fault in the accident; instead give them only the facts.  Let the police investigation into the matter determine who was at fault.

Do Not Resist Medical Treatment

You may think you are fine after a big truck accident, but when you have collided with a large vehicle, you could have injuries that do not immediately surface. Right after a major accident, your endorphins are soaring, and you may not feel any pain. That does not mean you are not injured. Even if you do not immediately feel injured at the scene of the crash, if you feel any injuries, even if it is a few days after the crash, go get a medical checkup to ensure you are not injured.

Do Not Try to Negotiate with Big Truck Insurance Companies

Big truck accidents are different than passenger-on-passenger vehicle accidents. Not only may you be dealing with the driver’s insurance company, they may also work for a company that has insurance on the vehicle. Commercial trucks and their corporate owners have a vested interest in keeping costs low and they  often also have a team of lawyers that are, already  in place to  defend the case.

Whenever you are in a big truck accident and there is serious damage to your vehicle and injuries, you want an experienced lawyer on your side. They can cut through the red tape to find out whether the big truck is covered under a corporate insurance policy, the driver’s insurance or both. You want to have the best legal representation to ensure you get everything you are entitled to cover the vehicle damages, medical costs, lost time from work and other expenses.

At Tison Law Group, we work with our clients who have sustained serious injuries from a big truck accident to obtain the best outcome for their case. We take care of negotiations with the insurance companies and we will go to trial if needed to get you what you deserve. Contact our office in Tampa Bay to schedule a free consultation to discuss your trucking accident case.

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