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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Disciplinary Action Process for a Nurse

Understanding the Disciplinary Action Process for a Nurse

By Tison Law Group |

This letter from the Board of Nursing can be completely unexpected. That’s often how a Florida nurse finds out they are being investigated and considered for disciplinary action. Like any other professional certification sanction, it’s important to understand the disciplinary action process for a nurse in Florida. The Nurse Practice Act The Nurse Practice… Read More »

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Bus Accident

How are Bus Accident Suits Handled?

By Tison Law Group |

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that national fatal bus accident rates have steadily been on the rise since 2005. Of these fatal bus crashes, 13% involved intercity buses, school buses accounted for 42% and 33% were transit buses. With the number of buses involved in fatal crashes occurring from 2005 to 2015… Read More »

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Insurance Denial, Auto Accident

Fighting Insurance Denial in an Auto Accident

By Tison Law Group |

Life can be challenging when you must deal with the fallout from an auto accident. Likely, you are at least inconvenienced with damage to your vehicle, or need to have your vehicle totally replaced. You might have injuries and medical bills stacking up because of the accident. You may be out of work, preparing… Read More »

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