Addiction Intervention and Representation

Have drug or alcohol addictions affected your life or the life of someone you care about? Perhaps it is time to consider doing an “intervention” and to no longer enable your loved one to throw their life away and continue to hurt themselves and those that love them the most. We can help you in your time of need before it is too late.
“Addiction is defined as having a physical or psychological need for something that is so overwhelming that it cannot be controlled. An addicted person gradually loses the ability to manage their own behavior when it comes to addiction. This almost always results in problems, with negative effects on relationships, finances, jobs, health and more.” (

For over a decade, Ty Tison has worked in the field of drug and alcohol addiction intervention. He has seen fist hand the pain and devastation that accompanies the addict’s life and the lives of their families. No one asks to become an addict, yet statistics show that “1 out of every 8 Americans suffer from some type of these addictions.” ( 

“Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem for nearly 30 million Americans.” ( This often leads to life altering situations such as bankruptcy, divorce, loss of employment, alienation from friends and family and even criminal prosecution. Ultimately, the consequences can prove tragic for the addict and for their family. “Over 15 million Americans are dependent on alcohol.” ( With easy access to pain killers, controlled substances and recreational drugs, this problem is growing. “Nineteen and a half million people over the age of 12 use illegal drugs.” ( “Nearly 15% of American children use illegal drugs before they turn 18. 30% of 12-20 year olds report drinking alcohol in the past month and nearly 32% of high school seniors use marijuana regularly.”(


At Tison Law Group, we have represented many people suffering from addiction including doctors, lawyers, accountants, pharmacists, athletes, middle and high school students as well as many others. Addiction has no target people group. Among other consequences, typical indicators of addiction as time passes are problems with inter-personal relationships, decreased work performance, termination from employment, bankruptcy and criminal activity such as Driving under the Influence, Possession of Drugs, Obtaining Controlled Substances by Fraud and even Drug Trafficking charges. 


We at Tison Law Group are here to help you navigate through the legal process and the recovery process. We work with different professionals within our community to address not only possible criminal conduct that we may be defending you on, but more importantly the past history, troubles and triggering events that can lead a person down the road to addiction. Recovery is possible even for a person that engages in multiple acts of criminal conduct. It is possible for someone to recover from addiction before they reach the point of being arrested, kicked out of school, terminated from employment, divorced or bankrupt. Get the help you need now!