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How Florida Professionals Can Preserve Their License in a Mental Health Crisis

How Florida Professionals Can Preserve Their License in a Mental Health Crisis

Many people are experiencing extreme stress these days and sometimes it can lead to a mental health crisis. Florida professionals can get help; however, there is the stigma to deal with, and the prospect of losing your license depending on the situation.

It is a very serious situation and it is important to get the help you need.

Dealing with a Mental Health Crisis

People in all professions are in jeopardy of reaching burnout. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses and other professionals are feeling the strain of today’s pressures. Many of these professionals have fears about getting needed help due to licensing issues. Questions on licensing applications may ask about the mental state of the applicant, whether or not he or she has had any mental issues.

While honesty is the best policy, many professionals may feel their professional license may be at risk if they seek help and need to document that fact when up for renewal. The license is necessary to be able to work, but what happens if renewal is denied because of a mental health crisis?

Tell the Facts Honestly

While your medical history, including mental health, is private and confidential, the question about whether you have had any psychiatric treatment or history is there for a reason. The state of Florida must protect its citizens. Health professionals, teachers, and others who work with the public need to meet certain criteria to ensure that they will cause no harm.

An individual who has experienced a mental health crisis, sought help, and is recovered or managing their mental health issues and poses no threat generally may not be denied a license renewal. On the other hand, not being honest about mental health issues and treatment can result in severe consequences, including suspension or revocation of the professional license.  If there is ever a question of how you should answer a question on a licensing application, the applicant should contact an attorney with knowledge in that area of law prior to submitting the application.

Seek Legal Assistance if Necessary

The licensing board may want to do an in-person interview to ensure the applicant is able to carry out the job duties without any problems. Consulting an attorney with expertise in this area will be helpful. The attorney can help you answer questions and create any statements you may need to present to the board about your situation.

If, for some reason, the mental health crisis becomes an issue that may impact your license, a good attorney may be able to help you maintain your license while you addresses that issue. It is also important to note that the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of certain mental illnesses, including depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

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