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Getting Help with Addiction Before You Lose Your Job


Addiction to drugs or alcohol is difficult for everyone involved, from the addict themselves, to family members and even co-workers and supervisors. The biggest challenge for the addict is to know when they need help. One aspect of the symptoms of addiction is difficulty in having a clear and rational perception of life around you, as well as how your actions affect your surroundings and people in your life. Too often, addicts are incapable of helping themselves before their actions lose them their jobs, and ultimately cause other types of harm to family and others, including long-lasting harm to themselves.

What is the Marchman Act?   

Family, friends and even unrelated people in Florida have the option to legally act outside of the will of the addict to see that the addict gets treatment. The Florida Marchman Act allows for involuntary intervention and treatment of an addict. This means that a family member or other concerned party can file for involuntary commitment of the addict to a treatment facility.

Getting Treatment for Your Addiction

Your addiction could cause you to lose your job. Once that’s happened, the addict’s situation can go from bad to worse, so keeping their job and getting help before things get more out of hand could ultimately be a life-changer. It’s possible to help yourself with your addiction before it gets so out of hand that others have to get involved. If you think your addiction isn’t causing you trouble at your work, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you taking more sick days at work than this time last year?
  • How is your performance on the job these days?
  • Do you work a full day, or are you late, leaving early?
  • Has your boss started giving you less to do, or giving you less responsible tasks?

If you find yourself saying yes to some of these questions, you could be in danger of losing your job. The addict might think they’re handling and hiding the addiction well, but the boss has probably noticed something. Even if they don’t suspect addiction, the boss probably notices the lack of priority to your job. Now is the time to act on your own behalf. Tison Law Group has experience working with those trying to end addictions. We can also help you deal with potential legal and other issues caused by the addiction, including job termination. Contact us for a free consultation.

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