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Addiction Intervention: When Good People Need a Reality Check

addiction intervention

Addiction destroys countless lives across the United States every year. For those dealing with addiction, including family and friends, finding the help they need is often an uphill challenge. Addiction intervention offers those suffering from addiction and their support network the help they need.

Addiction Intervention

Professional help for addiction intervention is typically sought by one or more people on behalf of someone suffering from addiction, or who is dealing with a past traumatic event. When these events lead to a reliance on alcohol or drugs, addiction intervention provides a pathway towards finding techniques and therapy that can help the sufferer address trauma and overcome addiction.

Anyone can become addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling. Labeling people as “bad” based on the fact that they suffer from an addiction is unfair. However, even good people need a reality check when addiction takes hold.

Defining Addiction

An addict has a physical or psychological need for a substance, often called a “fix,” which can completely control his or her life. Behavior may change and the sufferer will likely experience problems with debt, holding down a job, or maintaining personal relationships. If this behavior persists without addiction intervention, relationships can break down. There is a risk to the person’s health. Addicts may also lose their freedom if they commit crimes to fund an addiction.

One out of every eight Americans suffers from an addiction, with drug and alcohol addiction accounting for around 30 million of those cases. For addicts, the situation is so dire that divorce, loss of access to children, unemployment and imprisonment are common events.

Part of the problem, at least with drug addiction, is relatively easy access to drugs that can become addictive. A good example of this is in the case of strong pain killers, which the addict may have initially had a legitimate need for but then became dependent upon long after the injury had healed.

At Tison Law Group, we represent people who need addiction intervention from all segments of the community. No one is immune and addiction can strike people of all ages, including minors and the elderly. Addiction does not discriminate according to color, gender, ethnicity or religion, either.

Typical signs of increased problems arising from addiction may include bankruptcy, reduced interest in hobbies, impact on job performance, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Addiction intervention is the first step towards positive change. If one of the good people in your life is engaging in bad behaviors arising from addiction, it’s time to seek help.

Tison Law Group

Tison Law Group is committed to helping addicts, their family and friends turn the corner and begin the battle against addiction. You and your loved one deserve better lives, so take the first step today by seeking the help and support you need.

Call the Tison Law Group today if you are considering an addiction intervention for a family member or friend. We can provide you with support based on over 20 years of experience in helping people overcome their addictions. Call 813-739-1776 to schedule a consultation today.

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